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I grew up in an artist’s household where I was always surrounded by love and creativity. My hometown of Bellingham,WA was the perfect place for a budding artist to grow, surrounded by nature and friendly faces I was always told that no dream was too big and to follow my heart. Having tried out all the arts, from acting to sculpture, I soon knew that photography was my true passion.

I have been running my freelance business for the last 10 years and graduated with honors from the Academy of Art University where I obtained my degree in Commercial Photography.   

Currently, My home and studio is based in the Greater Seattle Area and I am working as a freelance photographer through-out the Pacific Northwest and California as well as the Head of Photography at Alhambra. 

Features, Publications and Clients:

Elspeth Mclean 2016 - Present                                                                                              Photographing, retouching and styling product images and lifestyle images of art products for website. Lead Photo Editor for Art Book to be released in Winter of 2018.

Bainbridge Island Magazine                                                                                        Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter 2017 issues                                                                    Spring 2018 issue                                                        

Caviar 2017 – Present                                                                                              Photographing and retouching food at restaurants that they work with throughout the greater Seattle area.   

Bakke Bar 2017 - Present                                                                                                      Consulting, photographing and editing images for blog and social media.

Seattle Immersive Theatre 2016 - Present                                                                            Photographing and retouching images shot for social media and advertising including creating posters for billboards.

Linea Paolo 2017                                                                                                                  Produced, styled, photographed and retouched creative product images for website, social   media and advertising at Nordstrom.

Kimberly Strickland Fashion Blog                                                                                    October 2017 blog article

Eleonora Nedovesova 2016                                                                                                    Photographed and retouched their book and product designs for their portfolio.

Circle and Square Fashion Blog                                                                                            June 2016 blog article 

Amanda Gilbert Meditation 2014                                                                                        Photographed and retouched headshots and lifestyle images for social media and website use. 

Voxeet 2014                                                                                                                          Photographed and retouched lifestyle images for website of users using software application.

Shuddle 2014                                                                                                            Consulted, photographed and retouched headshots of drivers for mobile app.